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29 September 2010

Spice (con)Fusion

I really was so hungry that Gilda's description of good food at Spice Fusion in SM City Cebu made my mouth water. Aside from the fact that I do love Asian food, it has been a long time that I haven't tasted one.

I was dreaming of nasi goreng and some other spicy food for dinner even before we arrived in SM.

We sat down at Spice Fusion. 

At first the waitress was very eager to take our orders even if we have not opened the menu yet. It was a good sign. She came back when we signal her we were ready. She took my order of nasi goreng, baguio beans with garlic chicken instead of pork, avocado shake and a hot calamansi for Gilda. Gilda also ordered the grilled squid.

Minutes come and go and my really hungry stomach started to complain. Thirty minutes the first batch came. I eagerly ate the plateful of nasi goreng (250 pesos, good for 3-4 persons). Then came the beans with chicken (190 pesos, I think) and I devoured them because it was cooked deliciously in butter and was temptingly green and crisp. The chicken on it has this distinct flavor I could not determine.

It took time for the grilled squid to come. I reasoned out that because the squid was artistically cut into small and thin pieces, maybe the cook spend more time on it. But it was delivered to another table who protested it was not their order. Gilda told the waitress it was ours but she returned to the kitchen to find out if we were telling her the truth.

Glocel and Leslie joined us and were very late due to some office problems. They ordered chicken wings and glasses of hot calamansi too. While the a waiter delivered their calamansi, I asked for chili powder and a can of Coke Zero. But we have only Coke Light, sir, so I said yes. No Coke came. I called our waitress to tell her I need a can of Coke. Light.

I already finished my food and was kind of sick due to the immediate intake of the food. I went to the comfort room twice but my Coke did not arrived. I have to call the yawning waitress back and she apologized for the delay. The Coke Light refrigerator was a table away from me and if I have the energy I would be the one getting it. She was just standing near the counter.

I noted down that my chili powder still has not arrived.

We talked more. Minutes came and went, we were almost two hours talking in our table. We asked for our bill. We paid. We separated ways towards home. Now it is almost 12 midnight and still my chili powder did not materialize. Not that I wanted to sleep with it.

But still.


Jenny said...

Before I asked for the bill, I asked for a toothpick and they remembered.....after I paid and started to leave the table.

Edik said...

oh my. so this Spice Fusion is not good with service after all. sayang. lami ilang food.

thanks for sharing Jen.