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04 September 2007

Alone at the movies (1408)

Bored and feeling the humidity of the day, I went to check SM and see what's on the big screen. Saw 1408 on the display screen and thought this movie was the historical film I've seen in the trailers about culture-something and why their civilization ended. (I am glad I just saw the poster in the Net, by the way.) :p

But the actors struck me as odd. John Cusack and Samuel Jackson were not supposed to be there. That movie I was referring to casts newbies just like Apocalypto!

And so i chose it. Damn! It was a horror film. A classic Stephen King story! Had a scared moment there. I don't believe King didn't participate in the scriptwriting because the plot, the authenticity is classically King's! Reminds me of his The Shining when I sat there at the movie-house feeling scared and chilly.

"The movie is called "1408" because that is the number of the room on which the movie centers. Also, Stephen King chose this number because it is a "thirteenth floor" story and the digits in 1408 add up to 13."

[By the way, I can't help but be pushed towards the deliciously sinful smell at the exit door in SM City Cebu near McDonald's. But of course it's durian! They have a limited durian festival there in SM so grab that heavenly food now while it's there.]


Anonymous said...

i just LOVE durian!!! yum yum...

Edik said...

if you're in cebu, go to SM. i'm going there this afternoon to buy some and indulge myself hehehehe.