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02 September 2007

New Magdalo Recipe


Shocking title of a recipe from a recent recipe book launched by two members of the Magdalo group. That I have yet to see, try and taste.

from Fe Zamora of Phil Daily Inquirer:

"Aside from mapping out their defense against charges they planned to oust President Arroyo in 2003, the detained Magdalo officers have also been plotting ways to come up with the best “pulutan” (finger food or bar chow) to go with their drinks.

The result of their four-year “plotting” is the 135-page cookbook “Pulutan: From the Soldiers’ Kitchen”

Released last week, it is authored by Navy Ensigns Elmer D. Cruz and Emerson R. Rosales, both bachelors, who graduated from the Philippine Military Academy in 2000.

Their recipes tell stories from their childhood, from years at the PMA, from stints at sea, from days in detention and the tedious court martial hearing which has been ongoing for more than four years, and from their yearning to be free..."

1 comment:

jay said...

hmmmm. men in uniforms and yet bachelors at this time? maybe they can cook for me...