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06 September 2007

Durian Fest at SM Cebu

The durian fest at SM City Cebu has been there for a week I think and I have been charmed by its smell since the time they set-up their booths. My only problem was I don't have someone to share with my delight.

This afternoon, I had my full share of durian at long last! Full because Mon and I finished the whole fruit without batting an eyelash.

It is amusing seeing those with anti-durian sentiments as they pass through us. They have to cover their noses because of the "smell." If I know they were just having a hard time salivating at the sight of durian lovers licking clean the fruits down to its seeds.

A nice ice-cold Coca-Cola goes well with it and makes burping deliciously sinful.

I will be back!


Anonymous said...

wish i was there to share that yummy durian with you... hahahaha
wala lang!

Clark Can't said...

i don't have feelings for durian!
but i have other different feelings you might wanna know. ahahah!

ojoj said...

WOW! i really love durian........

Anonymous said...

Edik how i wish joining you eating that stuff...durian? superb!

Edik said...

if you are in cebu, drop me some lines and i will join with you to sm city. we will have our fill of durian. hehehehe.

Miki said...

ayoko pa rin
kahit ano pa sabihin mo