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17 September 2007

Conducting Men

I went downtown this afternoon. With my meager budget I took the jeepney since it is the cheapest means of transportation I can afford. I noticed a small child asking passengers to sikiti lang ninyo diha gamay be (move over please so other passengers can have a seat). No question this is the jeepney conductor. What is his age? 8? 9? My gosh, this child should have been handling paper and pens and not coins and bills! He should be learning his ABCs and not this way of life!

When some passengers have left and the jeep started its way back to where it came from, the child suddenly "collapsed" out of exhaustion. He was dead tired. He could barely open his eyes nor bark again for more passengers. This child must be working since dawn!

And while this child worked, rallyists converged in Jones Ave chanting slogans only they could understand. They danced, sang and smiled. As if being in a rally is like having a vacation.

I took a deep sigh. The child earned his living the hard way. The rallyists made it harder for him.

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Anonymous said...

how petty! parents must see it to realize their obligation....