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05 September 2007

un-Pinoy breakfast

Honestly I rarely have a Pinoy breakfast.

You know, the usual garlic rice, tapa or corned beef, or tuyo at kamatis and eggs. Not that I'm on a diet. Or not Pinoy. I rarely even eat breakfasts. Or lunch hehehehe. (Some Pinoy breakfasts daw are eaten at 1 a.m. while drunk and you can't see the fatty ingredients on them, according to I'm choosy actually. Depende sa gana.

When I was in Zamboanga I ate a plateful of camote tops salad with bagoong! It was my lunch. Yummy. Slurp.

Lately I have this craving for bagels! So I bought some cinnamon/raisin bagels at Frenchbaker, P88 per pack of 5 (although the poppyseed bagel from Starbucks @ P30 each is delicious too but not cheap!), and fresh fruits from the sidewalk.

Today, I had a hearty brunch of bagels with tuna spread, banana and hot hot coffee!

Isn't that lovely? (read that with an Irish twang please.) :p

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