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04 September 2007

Travel Wish List

I've compiled a list of places I wish I could go before I die. These three tops the scale.

AFRICA: Exotic. The root of OUR civilization. The garden. Weird. Mysterious.
ISRAEL: The resilience of the Jews amazed me. Caught between enemies and have fought through ages. They are still standing there. Powerful. My desire to know them started way back in elementary when I learned my name is in fact Hebrew.
PRAGUE and/or Europe: The sense of "old town" in them captivates my heart. How can an industrial nation still retains its old come-ons? Art. Music. The beat. Ah Europe...

Others on my list are Vietnam, the new destination, cheap daw and just the thought of being in a war zone where the well-equipped Americans sheepishly herded themselves out of the country I think would excite me there, and the food!; Edmonton, Alberta (again); Argentina and the rest of the Latin Americas, think of Che Guevarra travelling on motorbike around his America; and ITALY (the Dolotina Clan seriously adhere to the belief that we are indeed Italians by blood. How I wish hahahaha!)

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