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30 April 2008

Good News Indeed

For those of us who can't afford the gym for a fitness exercise (translation: get rid of extra fat!) the following article from Yahoo! is a good alternative.

According to Shine, Yahoo's fitness blog:

This is all very cool and exciting, but what if you rarely exercise so your bod hasn't started doing all of the great stuff it needs to do? What if you just plain old don't like to sweat? Here are five kick starts to get your factory making those red blood cells and building muscle.Shake your booty. Call up the friends, put on a pair of solid boots and go dancing! Make sure you go with a sturdy heel, like a stacked wedge. Spikes look awesome, but you'll be aching in all the wrong places only a few songs in.

Take a trip! Instead of a rental car or taxis, get a bike, canoe or a backpack. It's amazing how much more more enjoyable it is to just walk around in a strange city or country.

Pick up the Honey Do list. You'd be amazed how much you work your muscles just by raking, gardening, painting, putting in a tile floor or cleaning out the garage. There's a reason that so many of those construction workers are hard bodies.

Play a sport. This seems like a no-brainer, but how many of us actually do this? And yet, think of the last time you played tennis, volleyball or even horseshoes with a group of friends. It was fun, right? Plus, think of all the incredible activities that you've always wanted to try! Rock climbing? Snowboarding? Boxing? Fencing? Triathlon? What are you waiting for?

Simple and very easy to do BUT I will start later hahahaha.

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