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26 October 2008

Are we that desperate?

I was cleaning the house when I saw a plastic bottle left behind by my housemate. I could not help but be shocked by its label. I am copying everything it claims.

Blue Miracle Versatility. Blue Miracle’s versatility encompasses all household and personal care products. It cleans, purifies, and deodorizes virtually everything. It is likewise an economical and practical solution to energy and water conservation.

Personal Care: Shampoo, facial wash/exfoliant, mouth wash, tooth paste, eye drops, tooth ache, ear drop, deodorant, bath soap, feminine wash, foot spa, skin diseases, poisonous/insect bites, anti-burn lotion, muscle reliever, hand sanitizer, kills: bacteria/fungus/lice/parasites

Various uses:
kitchenware, fruits & vegetable, any surface, heavy-stained equipment, repelling insects, bathroom fixtures, floors & carpets, dry clean, glass/glassware, jewelry/accessories, cars, plants & soil, corrosion protection/prevention, pets, tough dirt & stain, personal hygiene.

Ingredients: Sea Energy Vital Minerals extract of Reines Element by OKO-Hitech, mineral extract from coconut butter, lemon and natural plants.

Direction: FOR: skin problems, apply small amount directly on affected area (2Xdaily). FOR: Personal care or hygiene apply small amount and rinse.

Manufactured by: KINETICS PHILIPPINES Unit 210588 Corporate Center, Valero cor. SedeƱo St., Salcedo Vill., Makati City.

BFAD LTO No. RDI-MM-HHS-1-208 w/ M.S.D.S Environmental Management Bureau.

No, I am not advertising this product. I was just amazed by its versatility, if this is true. For how can you trust a product that you use for personal hygiene and at the same time you can use to clean your toilet bowl? Or a cleaning agent for your carpet at the same time you use as eye drops? Isn’t that weird enough? Does the skin or worst, the inner portion of the eye have the same structure with your carpet or toilet bowl?

And take note: IT IS APPROVED BY BFAD. Does my position to fear BFAD strengthened and proven by this fact?


kg said...

Are they serious? Well, I believe that a product and only do as much. I doubt if it can really do all those.

And you're right, I don't want something that can clean toilet bowls touching my face!

Edik said...

i think this is quite disgusting. hope BFAD knows what they are doing...

trey said...

i bought that.


i had a skin rash and it helped.