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25 October 2008

Say thanks before you sleep

THERE’S always a reason to say “Thank you” before going to sleep. No matter how crappy your day was, there must have been a redeeming factor or two! Instead of thinking of the things you have to do the next day, fall asleep with happy thoughts.

Did you share some chuckles with friends? Did you have a hearty meal? Did you make it to work on time? What compliments did you get today? Did you help anyone? Think of the goodness that came to you in big and small packages. Every good thing adds up to us feeling positive about the day.

And then give thanks to the universe. Instead of counting sheep to fall asleep, count the good things that happened to you today and say thanks for each one of them. You not only recognize the wonderful moments of that day, but you fall asleep in a calm, peaceful, happy mood. Sweet dreams!

from Happy NestToni Platon-Tiu's blog about positivity and the good things that can make your every day better. Toni, who works in the media industry as a communications planner, is a writer at heart and has been blogging since 2001. 

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Sidney said...

You are right...we should be more thankful in life!

Edik said...

Life is beautiful Sidney. We should be thankful. I'm even thankful I found your blog. Such beautiful pictures that tell me stories. Life stories.

Would you be willing to adopt me and be your aide? hehehehe

kg said...

You are so correct!