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20 October 2008

Insulting the Filipino

Like what happened during that US show (old age hinder me to name the show) furor over some skit about Filipino doctors, another one this time is shown at BBC portraying the Filipino as a whore.

I haven't seen both shows.

But reading through articles and blogs about them, I could only say, MIRISI! Loosely translated as GOOD FOR US!

I don't have to enumerate the things we do to deserve these bad interpretations of Filipinos and maybe Philippine culture. We "join arms" when people joke about us. We rally because our pride is "touched." But we do "love" to do questionable acts again.

As Mon Tulfo pointed out: Most Pinoys are very sensitive to insults from foreigners.

The government took offense at a comedy skit on BBC television in London portraying a Filipino domestic in a British home as sex-starved.

But can you blame the producers of that show? That’s the perception of most foreigners of Pinays.

The country exports prostitutes to Japan in the guise of singing talents.

Filipino prostitutes in Malaysia are a dime a dozen.

What a shame, indeed.

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