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15 October 2008

Left Behind

I was shocked to learn that our younger sis got pregnant!

I was actually looking at her and asked why her tummy was now bigger. She plainly told me she was pregnant as if nobody cared. It never came to my mind that this 32 year-old sister has the guts to do premarital sex. I was dumbfounded for a minute or two. I could not even ask her the details. It was like- hmmmm, Okay.

When my senses finally got back, I asked her what would happen? I was envisioning a sister who would be kicked out from her job because she got pregnant outside of marriage. O my, another mouth to feed. And lots of milk to buy.

What about? she plainly asked and was rather amused.

Your job? Do unmarried girls still permitted to work at your company?

Of course! What century were you born? I never knew you are that conservative.

I fell silent.

Here was our youngest sibling talking like she belonged to another era. Here I was speechless like I was born yesterday. Many, many yesterdays, in fact, yesteryears ago.

Gone were the days when the whole family would cower in shame because an unmarried daughter/sibling got pregnant. Gone were the days when parents would kill lovers who did that shameful act and would do anything to regain the family's honor. Gone where the days...

Only to find out I, too, was gone out of this generation and the only one feeling shame in the family.

Indeed, I am still a conservative person.

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Sidney said...

A very beautiful picture... and I am sure you are not ashamed...
That is how life is... and now it is time to rejoice and to be happy...and make sure that the child will be loved and cared after...
Rejoice... soon you will have another niece or nephew! :-)

Edik said...

hahahaha thanks sidney. you make my acceptance with things a lot easy.

you are so positive.

Rico said...

You won't feel that way when that little critter comes out! Babies are just the cutest!

kg said...

Hello! Passing by from Rico's blog and can't help but comment! This post is of interest to me because I myself am a single mother. I got pregnant when I was 20 years old and still in college. No marriage. No husband.

No violent reaction from me, don't worry. Nakakatuwa lang ang reaction mo...typical kuya. But I hope you'll support and love her as before, if not more. And Rico is right, pag nakita mo na ang baby, you'll love it. :)

By the way, I've been to Bohol, and let me tell you that, for me, it has one of the beast beaches (even better that those of Boracay).


Edik said...

thanks very much grace for the nice comment.

kuyang-kuya nga ba ang dating?

well- we have not abandoned my sis literally and figuratively. we are supporting her all the way.

my parents are excited with the prospect of a baby in the family. their apos have grown older na.

ka said...

being pregnant outside marriage is not that bad, as long as families and friends are supportive and willing to help out. life goes on and and your sis will get by. i am speaking from experiencce here. and rico is right, babies are wonderful beings. they make your life more beautiful. i dont know how they do that. congrats to your sis.

btw, i saw you thru kg's blog :)

Edik said...

thanks ka.

i love kids too.

Nita said...

I guess, sa panahon ngayon madami na nabuntis na walang asawa. You're right, gone were the days kung saan pinapahalagaan talaga ng mga tao ang marriage. For me, sex out of marriage is a sin. It's fornication. But not all of us have the same view about it. When you get married, it's great to be able to have kept your virginity for your partner until then. Marriage signifies that you are committed to each other for life.

I'm still conservative and so my family :)