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01 October 2008

Holiday Questions

Today is a holiday and it's smack in the middle of the week, yet the president did not move the day to make a long weekend. What powers can the president do or not do to move the end of Ramadan on a weekend? Why are official holidays so easily changed? Is this a cheap way of pleasing the Muslims who are a minority in the country? What for? So they won't bomb us out?

I am not enjoying this holiday because I won't be paid lying in bed or washing my clothes or just staring at the wall.


Anonymous said...

I am not a Muslim. And yes, I don't enjoy this holiday for obvious reasons. But this does not mean that I oppose this holiday. Why? Philippines may not be a predominant Muslim country but our country has a strong Islamic history. Check your Sibika and Kultura books back in grade school to verify.
One more thing, a RELIGIOUS holiday cannot be moved (Eid Al Fit'r/End of Ramadan). Imagine if Christmas or Good Friday was a movable holiday, how would we Christians react?
It's just a matter of respect. Peace!

Edik said...

From my favorite blogger: The Professional Heckler-

Ramadan Ends

The Holy month of Ramadan officially ended Monday evening with the appearance of the new moon. Apparently, Malaca├▒ang miscalculated and erred in the declaration of a holiday. So while Muslims rejoice in celebrating Eid’l Fitr today, Christians will rejoice over another non-working day tomorrow.

Ramadan Ends II

Instead of Tuesday, Malaca├▒ang declared Wednesday a holiday in celebration of Eid’l Fitr. When it comes to declaring holidays, palace officials never run out of surprises. So watch out! We might just celebrate Christmas on November 1!

Anonymous said...

come on man.. that was not fair..
how would you take if Christmas holiday was moved.....
we get almost 10 days for xmas..
why are you disturbed with 1 day in this case....

respect all religions......

Edik said...

"respect all religions..."

i wish for john lennon's no religion policy.