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07 October 2008

Binghay Marine Park Resort in Balamban, Cebu: Interestingly Shabby

Our group decided to go to Balamban for our yearly kitakits (meeting) and our host decided to try Binghay Marine Park Resort as our "home" for our stay since it was the only decent place he could find in the internet. It even bragged itself as having complete facilities.

Sadly all our expectations were not met.

We went there with a big bag and no one met us although we have reservations. We have to find, no, seek is the correct term, the reception area/front desk. The staff at the resort just pointed their pouted lips when asked where was the front desk.

We traveled almost an hour and a half early in the morning from Cebu City and we were tired and hungry. We asked for breakfast. Even ordering what was in the menu took time because the waiter could not even get it correct. He has to get back to us and the kitchen to check if the ones we ordered were available. The P150 breakfast was not worth the price. We could have gone to Jollibee but we heard it was closed due to very low traffic. Damn!

And so I ate my salty scrambled egg, my dried up tomato and cucumber and left-over bread hoping it would nourish me for the day. The instant coffee was not even able to give me a perk.

One of the staff suddenly turned on their videoke machine (at 8 in the morning for godssakes!) and let it play there. I was so shocked to react. I transported myself from city life to experience this loud videoke machine again here in this marine resort!

Speaking of marine- I have never seen any part of Binghay that can relate to a marine park. Except if you consider the mangrove in which the resort encroached itself and the 5 fish in their aquarium. Some of their rooms even extended to the sea, a clear violation of the law regarding setbacks.

Our room, number 30, was worth P3,000++ for an overnight stay. It has air conditioner, 5 beds, a hot and cold shower, toilet and a non-functioning telephone. So when you wanted to order, you have to go back to their front desk, a good 200 meters away, or holler for a staff if you felt lazy. Just by ordering you lose extra calories.

Binghay's owners may have been confused with the word facilities. Putting a fenced-in swimming pool that needed cleaning would not justify the tag line: With Complete Facilities. Nor does a dirty function room, with the remains of some function (a wedding?) still scattered around, reminding you that this resort is a mess. You could not resist coming to that room because you have to pass through it before you can find the front desk.

We have to get out from Binghay and spend time outside despite the heat. And the guard at the gate asked: Mamalik pa mo sir? (Would you still return?). I didn't know if it was a philosophical question that needed time to reflect considering our experience at check-in. Our group answered in jest: Kung pabalikon pa mi nimo (If you still allow us to go back).

The free breakfast they gave us the next day was worst. They made us to choose the P60 priced breakfast in the menu. Gone was the P150 menu flyer they made us see when we just arrived. No drinks. Not even an instant coffee. Just bread (rice for my friends), a very red corned beef and a small piece of scrambled salty egg.

We were supposed to stay for two days but we immediately canceled our second day stay.

Like deprived kids, we went to Balamban's public market and feast on the food at a famous resto there (I forgot the name but the food there was great!).

Binghay Marine Park Resort should work on customer service and improve on the word facilities as being advertised.

From a scale of 10, I would like to give Binghay a generous 4.

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