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03 October 2008



A regular client told me he has a new company, a leisure real estate consulting firm. He asked me to design his logo, his business card, company stationery and envelopes. after several studies and consultations, he finally approved them and have them printed last March 2008.

I didn't made a billing statement since, he used to pay on-time. After a month of no communication, I finally faxed to him a billing statement and called up his office many times. He ignored me. Finally after several text messages and unanswered calls, he called me to inform me he was not satisfied with my work.

But he was already using my finished products.

We did not made a contract of my services.


What should I do to have him pay me? I only charged him P5,000 for the 3 materials (not counting the 6 other studies I made for him).

This happened last March 2008 yet I did not receive any single centavo as payment. He didn't even refunded the sample printouts I made.

Any legal advise on this matter?


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