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01 July 2009

How do you measure worth it?

I am still having the headache attacks when he told me we will have a massage. Despite having a limited budget, I agree. I so like to have my body and its aches here and there be soothe.

But we both agree the massage at Grand Royal Spa in Lahug was not a good one. And he is disgusted with the masseur making advances to him. I laugh.

We proceed to the nearby IT Park because he want me to taste an Indonesian food called nasi goreng. I hope it is not nasty, I said. He did not understand the word. I did not notice my grumbling stomach.

We silently eat at Makan with the nasi goreng. My first. He said this is not the nasi goreng he expected but it is passable. I love it. Despite the loud music and the humidity of the place. I am perspiring.

Where do we go now, he ask after my burp. I don't know. Your place? Okay.

I can see his amusement when we arrive home. So you have a new look in your place? What do you mean, I asked. This and this, he pointed out the things and the wall I have repainted. I laugh again. I think we buy an aircon, the portable one. Hayyy, this gentleman who can't live without an airconditioner.

We talk nonsense. We talk about Mafia Wars. We talk about my Farm Town. Talk and talk. He was laughing all throughout. Can you let me borrow your plane? Sure. With my own plane, I can fly for 8 hours a day and I will be glad. I am glad he is no longer angry. Just a few hours before he was furious with his instructor.

Noting that the hours have come and gone, he says he will leave now. Okay and thanks so much for the massage and the nasi goreng. He hug me goodbye and told me I am his bestfriend. I hug him back.

Life is good.

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