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28 December 2009

American Idiots

I do not know what happened to them but Filipinos mostly staying in the US of A have become idiots specially if they come back to the Philippines. I hope not everyone of them are.

In a recent meeting with them, these Americanized Filipinos have become irritatingly boastful that by just hearing them talk, you would think some American invasion is going to happen in the Philippines. They wanted everything to become just like in the States.

That TV ad Walang ganyan sa States is all I could recall.

They criticize everything in this country. Almost everything. From roads, traffic, the government, the Filipinos, everything. Even cockroaches were not spared. Walang ganyan sa States.

They wanted to have that hole to have a sign telling everyone that it was supposed to be a hole. We Filipinos can tell even without anyone telling us what is a hole and what it can do.

They wanted to sue a restaurant because the hot plate where a sizzling order they served burn one of their kind. We Filipinos know from sight that a sizzling food need not to be touched until it cools down.

They would not pay an entrance fee of 150 PESOS! because no dance instructors danced with them. They forgot they were served free drinks and have stayed two hours already. And the event did not tell them dance instructors were available. It was a concert.

They promise to sue because they were caught jaywalking.

And worst, they know to the solutions of just about everything because "we know better in the States." If I know, they were just outcasts of the racist American society so they turn their revenge on the Filipinos.

But even then, if killing someone is not against the law I could have killed a few.

I have become one of them. Puro reklamo na lang.

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kg said...

hay naku...ayoko ng mga ganung filipino. naka-apak lang ng states eh kala mo kung sino na!