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16 December 2009

Just About Time

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum recently announced that ABBA will be inducted to the Hall next year. A long delayed action, I believe.

Abba has been a favorite way beyond generations. They go beyond the 70s that kids even now can sing and dance to Dancing Queen. Remember Mamma Mia? There is even a group in Canada who is very popular among Canadians called Abbamania (?).

Congratulations Abba. Salud.

Other inductees include:
  • Genesis. I was surprised to know that Peter Gabriel was the original lead singer of this group. All along I thought it was just Phil Collins. I was not reading history. Now I know.
  • Jimmy Cliff. Familiar but I think I haven't heard his reggae songs.
  • Hollies. Who are they?
  • Stooges. Iggy Pop founded this group. I heard songs of Iggy Pop but never heard of Stooges.

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