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01 December 2009

Lumalandi sa Catbalogan

I am in Catbalogan right now and the place has not changed at all. Old, undisciplined, noisy and very dirty.

And while waiting for the boat to take us to an island, I chanced myself to an internet cafe. Cafe with curtained cubicles. I was wondering why this is still allowed here when in Cebu these type of cafes are banned.

And then someone from my neighboring cubicle started to flirt. I don't know if it is flirting but she sounded like one. And then some. She was talking about the 6,000 pesos the one in the other end might be sending, or already sent.

You know hon, the fish here is expensive. The 1,000 is for my mother's labs, the 2,000 for medicine. And we buy vegetables and fish and rice. Not enough hon. I just walk coming here and buy ice water even if I am hungry.


I could not help but peer into that cubicle. You would not believe that girl was talking crap. My.

And then some girls, barely 18 comes in to the other cubicle. Same lines again. I don't have money hon. No work. The money in the bank I save is gone na.

Oh my. What happened to Catbalogan? Is that why there is a Western Union downstairs?

Am I out of this world?

Meanwhile the gays are having a parade down in the streets of Catbalogan for the World Aids Day. Mga malalanding bakla.

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flip said...

ahhh... wonderful, there is hope after all for that town so pregnant with cityhood.... hehehehe....