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23 December 2009

Jollibee Catbalogan lowered its standards at the expense of customers

After having a sleepless night from Cebu to Catbalogan (eight hours of sea and land travel my goodness!), I should have deserved a little pampering. No resto could do that in Catbalogan. Only Jollibee.

So I thought.
  • My favorite hot chocolate was served in a Swirly Bitz (a cold dessert) container. WTF! I told the girl at the counter that that was unusual. They ran out of styrofoam was the reason. I told her they should make them safe. "I am sorry sir" was all I heard.
  • You could not take hold of the cup. It was too hot.
  • And so was my friend's coffee. It was supposed to be a "gourmet" coffee as stated on their receipts.
  • Our orders took 30 minutes to arrive.
  • The ladies at the next table were even furious. The breakfast meal they ordered were served without eggs.
  • We bought Tuna Pie for take out. They were served later on our table as is. We asked for a bag. It came minutes later.

I adore breakfasts at Jollibee. But with this kind of service-

This is my hot chocolate on a Swirly Bitz cup.

So you think these ladies were eating ice cream? NO! They were drinking coffee and hot choco on an ice cream cup.

Gourmet Coffee- RIGHT!

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