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18 December 2009

Avatar: It's a virtual orgasm

My friend brought me along to watch Avatar because we have nothing to do while in Ayala Center Cebu. I tagged along. Anyways, I was treated for free. The first showing (1.50pm) was ours to enjoy.

Despite of the fact that I am no movie critic and do not even know how to critique a movie, I am highly recommending this one.

The plot, the action, the adventure, the storyline- all worth the 160 pesos and the long lines at the movies. Everything in the movie was eye candy. I was extremely amused by the technology being used on this one. 

In one scene, I was teary eyed when earthlings (that means WE the people) killed nature in some fantasy planet for some minerals needed by man. It shows our greediness and the disrespect for life on that planet, affirming our abuse on earth.

And with a powerhouse casting (Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Giovanni Ribisi, Michelle Rodriguez, etc.), the movie is worth a second watch. Or maybe a third.

I had goosebumps when the audience clapped their hands in appreciation after the movie ended. And to think the crowd was mostly composed of youngsters and children. (Hey, today is still Thursday. Why are you not in school?)

By the way, Leona Lewis sang the movie theme I See You adding another set of goosebumps in my skin.

A very charitable review of the film by CNN's Tom Charity can be read through this link-


Anonymous said...

when i first herd of avatar movie, i thought it was the tv series 'airbender' or 'legend of aang' which was also cool. but obviously, this one is different... and also for a broader audience... and highly recommended...

Edik said...

try watching this one. much much better than 2012 and way beyond compare to the latter movie.