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15 December 2009

Meteor showers and predictions

For three days now I wake up at 3 in the morning to see the supposed Geminids meteor shower despite of the fact that the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or Pagasa predicts (as usual) it to happen yesterday, a Monday. Pagasa says it will peak on 14-15 December 2009. Some sources say 13-14 December. I followed the other sources.

I haven't seen any.

Instead I saw a hundreds of stars. A rare sight in the city since those stars are usually hidden from the bright street lamps. Pagasa could not predict that. It is a fact.

So I brought my coffee along, stare into oblivion and wishing for a falling star to wish upon. Still nothing. Until the stormy clouds started to gather. The winds getting colder.

I predict rain. But it has not started yet. And I waited. 

I have become the Pagasa.

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kg said...

i don't think things like these can be predicted with much accuracy. after all, it is the anticipation that makes them more exciting. and the experience of sitting in the dark, looking at the sky is one great experience in itself na din naman diba?

although a meteor shower would be very very nice! :)

Edik said...

oo nga. i was even wondering why Pagasa "predicted" it, or so the news say.

sitting in the dark gazing into the skies with a cup of hot coffee is cool. try it sometimes Grace.