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17 December 2009

Of deformed forks and spoons

I went to Robinson's last night to have dinner and could not help but noticed that their utensils there (spoon and fork) were mostly deformed. And so is the case of mostly cheap restaurants anywhere in the country. Ang arte mo, said a friend, and I was forced to use the deformed fork.

My theories were more imaginative than the food I was eating:
  • The dishwasher (a person of course!) got so tired of his job he threw all utensils on the wall before sending them back to the trays.
  • Someone uses his fork for a really hard food, or a hard object.
  • Somebody was pissed with the food he took revenge on the spoon and fork by stepping on them.
  • Those were remnants of a failed experiment on food science, whatever that was.
  • I have a distorted mind.

Now tell me your theories.

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