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06 November 2009

Another seafood experience

The children in the family asked me during the holiday break why my stomach has grown large. I blushed. When stomach matters are getting bloated, so to speak, I would always take action because I consider people who grow beer bellies as negligent. I have a lot to work out.

My constant food tasting in Cebu is considered the main culprit here. The latest was at Paolito's Seafood House (telephones 032-2562700; 2534732) where I consumed a lot. And I mean a lot!


Paolito's is actually an old house converted into a seafood and grill restaurant. There seems to be a trend here in Cebu to convert old houses into comfortable and homey restaurants. This Paolito's is located obviously in a residential area in some back streets near Capitol called Orchid Street. I did not even know the place until Fikri called my attention.

The place brags about the celebrities that came there to eat. The first thing you see when you go there are the pictures of stars framed for every customer to gawk upon. Inside, some butingtings are displayed: dolls, saints, musical instruments, old bottles. Even autographed plates from known customers are shown.

We ordered panga (jaw of the tuna) because the waiter said it is their specialty, baked oysters, mixed veggies, and chili crabs. The panga came in burnt and smelly for me, not fresh but a hungry person would not mind. The chili crabs was nice but they were not so fresh also. But I love the taste of their baked oysters. Overall, the experience was passable and nice as evident on the clutter of bones and shells in our plates. Our total bill costs us about 800 pesos including drinks.

When I went home, I got itchy all over.


kg said...

i love seafood. malamang i'd also enjoy eating there! :)

Anonymous said...

good for you! i don't even know that place.

wanna show me around?