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21 September 2010

Bagging it up!

Gov't urged: Ban plastic bags now, so goes the headline from

According to the report, plastic bags account for the most litter that clog waterways. I agree. It is a sad thing to see plastic bags all over the country.

In Cebu they are thrown freely just about anywhere. Bohol has a more educated populace since you can rarely see plastic bags even upon disembarking from the ferry in Tagbilaran.

It is also sad to note that some grocery and 24-hour stores in Cebu still needs to be educated on the use of plastic bags. 

Rustan's and SM should be praised for the introduction of their ecobags. However, at Colonnade in downtown Cebu, you have to do a lot of arguing when you insist you use your own ecobag instead of their plastic bags. They have to put the goods in their standard plastic before putting them in your bag. What a waste of time, money and effort.

Maybe stores like Colonnade should be the first to undergo training on the environment.

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kg said...

i support this! we can do with reusable bags or paper bags! education and enlightenment ang kailangan dyaan!

Edik said...

it's never too late.