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13 September 2010

Healthy Tip 101: Do something active every day

For us working most of our time in front of the computer, something active is needed so we won't just slump in our favorite chair and dream of a life built on TV. By active I mean that we should do something productive other than slouching in your chair and waiting for the porn to download.

We should remember that our body also adapts negatively to a lack of activity. 

Ever noticed those one-pack ab you have been harboring (and hiding it by wearing the obligatory mournful black shirts) is getting bigger because you've been sitting down the whole day and even towards the evening? 

Although it is a fact that our body responds only to intense activities like gym exercises, still we need to get up and move around, that is on daily basis, so our body won't languish and rot in complete indolence. Going for a walk, or doing house chores are simple solutions to get rid of our body's inactivity. The key point there is to perspire and get rid of the toxins in a simple way.

So now that you know, get the hell out of there and start walking.

Recent research suggests that constantly being bombarded with stimulation in the form of e-mails, tweets and the like can take its toll on your brain, leaving you fatigued, impeding the learning of new skills and consolidation of new information. To reset your mind, unplug completely at lunchtime. Yes, that means turning off your phone, too. If you're able to, head to a park or any place with greenery to feel calmer and you'll return to work with more energy.


kg said...

hay naku edik, kailangan ko ito! i am in front of the computer 7-9 hours a day! gosh! and the only exercise i get is through the stairs 9asa fourth flour kami). and pano naman ako pawisan pa, ang lamig ng aircon dito!

Edik said...

hahaha i think you need to schedule a walk (or run?) every other night Grace. that's what i am doing lately.