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24 September 2010

Snapshots from Bohol

I'm going to the place where love
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.
Chris Daughtry

When was the last time I came home? July? And yet Bohol is still the place I know except for Tagbilaran which looks and feels too crowded.

Oh, Bohol. Yeah, this is Bohol. My Bohol.


kg said...

i love bohol! i've always believed it has one of the best beaches...even better than in boracay!

Cacho said...

hey edik, thanks for the visit to my blog. our community should do this more often - support each other :)

Edik said...

thank you for the kind comment on Bohol Grace. i love my place.

Edik said...

hey Cacho, your blog is interesting too!