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28 September 2010

Best halo-halo in Dumaguete?

We were looking for a nice place to cool down due to a very tiring journey from Cebu City to Liloan, Santander in Cebu and then to Sibulan, Negros Oriental and finally in Dumaguete.

My friends were hungry. I was thirsty!

We passed by this La CaviteƱa Restaurant (very near Dumaguete's Boulevard and just beside the Silliman Hall) and was interested to try. They ordered burgers and myself, halo-halo. 

The halo-halo was quite okay despite the claim of the waitress that they served the best halo-halo in that city. It was a very Tagalog recipe with more fruit preserves and some camote, saba, and as the waitress apologized for the lack of gabi (taro?), and was kinda shocked to know their version of halo-halos have gabi in them.

But it was good, really. Not the best but good still. It was consistent and not too-sweet. The syrup they put in it did not "flood" their halo-halo like you were drinking juice instead, unlike the halo-halo at Cafe Lawis in Dauis, Bohol which was the exact opposite and pricey. The ice and fruits mixed well, giving you that crunchy feeling when you chew the halo-halo. I paid only 60 pesos.

The burger, as my companions claimed, were heavy to the stomach and with lots of trimmings. The beef patty was generous. The burger was only 50 pesos and 40 or so for the mango shake. Not bad! 

Overall, we went out patting our full stomach.


kg said...

i like the place.

i've always wanted to go to dumaguete...

Edik said...

Grace, mura lang sa Dumaguete and the food is excellent. i mean, you have so many choices you can go on food tripping in that city.