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28 September 2010

Paella night with friends

There is a little known discovery I made of a Spanish restaurant somewhere in Guadalupe, Cebu where authentic Spanish cuisine are made daily to some very few customers they cater. It is like having an exclusive entry to this small resto and feeling prouder for getting there.

I am quite tempted to post here their address but I won't because of selfish reasons. One, the resto is just a small place finding everyone there would cause frequent suffocation. Two, the coming of guests would hinder me to have my paella served on time. Three, I am selfish, period.

We pre-ordered our paella actually because there were about ten of us. A big paella pan made my mouth water upon serving. The big pan is priced at 500 pesos and still survived the deluge of the hands of 10 people.

The gambas ajillo was really good and crisp, the extra sauce I used as dip for the accompanying toasty bread. I did not taste the kalderetang kanding though but the lengua was so soft I am tempted to say it melted in my tongue.

We paid less than 2,000 pesos for ten persons including our drinks.

The owner, Angel Ibarlucea y Arano, asked us in his funny Cebuano intonation, to come back in his resto. He handed small chocolates on our way out.


kg said...

sarap! at for 2k for ten people? SULIT! :)

Edik said...

Grace, the place has this "exclusive" touch. very intimate nd personalized. you will love it there.

Cacho said...

am surprised you just discovered this place. it's been there for a while. a long while. you have to try their callos and pan fried porkchops next time. :)