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05 October 2007

The Case of an Adult Site Membership

I opened my emails this morning and received this letter from my yahoogroup:

Dearest ____ Moderator,


My son is very much addicted with your site who is just 14 years old. I would like to ask you to cancell his membership meaning he could not receive any pics or videos from your site. I'm concern about it because he is very negligent in his studies and he is very young involving this kind of activity and I found out that he always browse your site. I'm not blaming anybody but my son. So I hope you'll take good consideration on this matter.

Thank you!

With gratitude, Concerned Mom


At first it was kinda funny because no son at his right mind would ever tell a mother that he is a member of an adult site much more give his account name and password. Unless of course if mothers are getting nosy these days. (Who knows?)

But considering the age of the member (14?) I think an adult supervision is needed in fact. And moderators can't be blamed in this case because the group will always ask if an applying member is of legal age (because of adult content). Well- mom is not blaming the moderators but her son.

Moderators dilemma: Is mom real? Should the member be unsubscribed?

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