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24 October 2007

Sleepy Massage at Thewi Thai

Feeling the strain of the day's work, I decided to go to Thewi Thai Massage along Llorente Street. Liam was tagging along because we were not able to shop for fruits at Robinson's due to heavy rain. I wanted a one-hour back massage.

Thewi (angel daw in Thai) was flooded with customers despite the rain. The minty atmosphere for sure was a welcome respite. The moment you took a seat in the front desk area, a masseuse would readily gave you their standard slippers and offer you a cooling hot water foot wash.

Off I went to cubicle number 5.

While the masseuse was doing her job I noticed that she slept every once in a while during the massage. She would jolt out of sleep if someone passed by the cubicle. Funny. This young woman made so many bodies go to sleep soundly but she has to keep working without sleep. I could have made wild antics on her but I pitied her situation.

But the massage was still great. My back pain was relieved.

I gave her 100 pesos as tip and told her to go home and sleep.

She smiled like an angel.

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