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16 October 2007

Yucky Dimsum Break

I was busy at the printing press when the admin in-charge asked me to go with her to have lunch. It was past 12 so we went to Dimsum Break in Colon Area near Gaisano Main to have a quick lunch.

We ordered steamed rice and siomai.

I was busy texting when she started poking at her food. She asked me later if the thing she found in her food was stone or black pepper of something. Not minding her I told her to smell it. She did. Not satisfied, she cut it in half with her spoon. Out came a smelly surprise! It was SOMETHING!

We called the store supervisor. He had this unsa-naman-pod-ni look when he approached us. We informed him we found a RAT FECES on his food. He smiled and promptly got the food out of sight promising a bright future ahead. But no. My friend had her share of yuckky things already. She wanted refund. Of which they delightfully gave. (The supervisor later told us apologetically that the problem was in their rice used. Yeah right.)

We left Dimsum Break with a lunch broken and nursing a broken heart. I didn't even took a picture of that food. (Mahay)

So the rumor about a client of Dimsum Break in SM City Cebu happened to eat a worm (yeah you read it right- WORM) in his noodle soup might be true.

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Anonymous said...

Well... next time better take a picture and complain the establishment to the government office concern. Refund is not enough, or should i say if i were you i will ask for a 5x refund fee hehehee...