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09 October 2007

Speaking of Kasungitan

Maybe I am the only masungit around.

We were walking around Cebu and we saw a group of military men (in black camouflage) also "walking" around town. Military visibility? Maybe because Cebu is getting hazardous to the mind and body nowadays. (Imagine yourself having a good time at the sidewalk, strumming a guitar, friends around singing AND SUDDENLY motorcycle-riding hooligans fires a live bullet at you. You are so DEAD for no reason at all. Because you were at the sidewalk at the wrong time? Damn!)

Anyways, back to the camouflaged military men. They are the most agile group almost cat-like. They walk around silently. And they are the sweetest of men. They would greet you, Good evening sir. How are you sir? Wow! That's quite impressive. If only all military men are like that.

Which brings me back to our tour at Rajah Sikatuna National Park. We also met camouflaged men there complete with firearms. They should humiliate us just with their firearms but they were the most helpful of men, magalang and very gentlemanly even with men.

MAYBE THE POLICE FORCE SHOULD CHANGE THEIR IMAGE and make gaya-gaya with these military men...

(Of course they are not the usual policemen. Policemen are masungit like me. (Or so I thought I was the only masungit around.) Maybe I should be a police too hahahaha. Foolish of me.)

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