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15 October 2007

One More Note on Aging

We wanted to be young all the time. We all do, admit it. I myself wanted to be, but my biological age tells me I’m no longer young. I am 39 getting 40 next February.

In fact, several enterprising companies make good money out of people’s desire to stay young. Vanity? Maybe. Maybe not. They say your face is the first to show signs of aging, so I’m using Nivea for Men Multi-Protecting Facial Foam. But my friend suggested that I INVEST! in a good moisturizer. Damn! It only means my Nivea is not effective!

Enough of my being old. I know that already. And so we go to the recommendations I read from Yahoo on how to stay young. The article is supposed to be from Deepak Chopra (you know him?). The article suggests-

If you want to slow down or even reverse these bio markers of aging, then practice one or more of the following:

1. Change your perception of time. Don't be in a hurry.
2. Get restful sleep.
3. Eat fresh, nutritious food.
4. Take at least two multivitamins with minerals every day.
5. Practice a mind body technique such as yoga or tai chi.
6. Exercise regularly.
7. Don't put toxins in your life, including toxic food, toxic emotions, toxic relationships, and avoid toxic environments or toxic relationships.
8. Have a flexible attitude to minor hassles.
9. Look at so-called problems as opportunities.
10. Nurture loving relationships.
11. Always have an attitude of curiosity, learning, and wonder and spend time with children.

I will do these things. I think. They are better and lots cheaper than moisturizers.

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