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24 February 2008

(Another) Wake Up Call for Tagbilaran City

And while attending the general assembly of a cooperative, I hear people talking about the recent happenings in Tagbilaran City. From what I heard, I believe people are not going to vote for Mayor Dan Lim again. Again?

Recent case

There was a fire that gutted a house somewhere near the Governor’s Mansion. A former officemate was actually panicking because their house was just meters away and the fire department has not arrived at the scene yet. They have to force their neighbors to use their motorcycles so they can rouse the firemen. She was even furious because the fire truck that arrived has no water in its tank.

The truth behind the kapalpakan (allegedly)

The fire-trucks at the Tagbilaran City Bureau of Fire Protection do not have fuel allocation anymore. The trucks, by the way, were serviced to deliver water to the Tagbilaran City Wharf and at Cogon Public Market because these public facilities were no longer enjoying water availability due to nonpayment to the service provider. It was not clear though, but cutting off the water service only means one thing- they are not paying. What a pity.

The fire department has to face another “mayor” to ask for gasoline and some verbal abuse.

Rampant criminalities

If you visit the city and go out in the night, you may notice that the streets are empty. Almost. Because people fear they might become another victim of unsolved cases in the city. Killings. Snatchings. Mauling. Even tricycle drivers are very careful of who to take for a ride.

I no longer see police cars patrolling around the city, in fact. Two years ago when I stayed in Tagbilaran, every night the police can be seen. Maybe they have no gasoline budget too?

Too much politics

The city mayor is at war with his city councilors and other personalities. So instead of making development projects that benefits the people, they wash their dirty linens over the radio, in the newspapers and in public.

The roads in Tagbilaran are the obvious manifestation that the politicians are neglecting their duties. For tourists who are transported only in the major road, that is the CPG Avenue, they see a wide and paved road of Tagbilaran. But that is a national road by the way and part of the circumferential project. The real Tagbilaranons knew and experienced the bumpy ride every day.

Where is ACT

There was (I believe it is now dead) ACT, the Association of Concerned Tagbilaranons, who used to “criticize” politicians who did not do well in their services. In fact, they used to branch out to include issues on environment. But when Dan Lim became mayor of Tagbilaran, they have lost its voice. What happened? Was it formed just for Rene Relampagos’ gubernatorial term?

What now

I am actually an outsider, being a non-Tagbilaranon. But I have been living in the city for 27 years now but have not actually been officially called a resident. I still do my civil duties in my hometown.

So all I can ask- WHAT NOW?

No matter how dirty the place and how dirty is the broom you are going to use, you still need to clean up the place to experience cleanliness even just for a while.

Photo by sharadhaksar


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