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15 February 2008

Desperate Arroyo

I am an anti-Arroyo. I never voted for her during the elections. I never supported her programs. I did not even accept her hands when she offered me hers during one of her visit in Bohol.

Her desperate tactics to gain popularity again including the declaration that some sectors are out to assassinate her is quite funny. Now she is taking revenge again to businessmen who wanted her to make reforms.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue was created to make sure that taxation becomes a tool for social and economic development, not as a Damocles’ Sword hovering over detractors of the administration,” he said.

“Para bang kung kakampi ka ng administrasyon, puwede kang hindi magbayad ng tax. Pero kung magsasalita ka laban sa administrasyon, humanda ka dahil pakakawalan namin ang BIR para habulin kayo [It’s like if you’re pro-administration, you can get away with not paying taxes, but if you’re not, be prepared because we’re going to unleash the BIR on you],” Senator Manuel Roxas II said.

She claimed that the country is now better but the common Pinoy is not even feeling it.

The Philippines is now facing serious problems the Arroyo (including her husband) administration has started.

Am I whining? Am I seeing only the bad side of her administration?

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