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16 February 2008

Life Is Beautiful

Now that friends are seeing me more often than before, they wondered why and asked me personal questions that made me grin and sometimes blush.

The real reason is, I am now out of a damaging relationship. And it has come to a full cycle.

Way back, I pitied the men (others teenagers) before me in the relationship I consider the ultimate end. I saw them being discarded because I was the ‘one” at the moment. I never consider it would come to me. I had chitchat with one of the discards and he told me I would be like him. I only laughed at the prophecy foretold. If he knows my situation now, he would be laughing at me. But the fact is we are now free.

But I never was bitter with the ending. Relieved, was the right word. It was like an escape, a freedom long overdue. I was emotionally drained and sometimes psychologically troubled with that relationship and finally I have broken free.

Now they say I radiated with confidence. I hope they were not just bluffing because deep inside, I am a satiated, relaxed person wanting to kick a new start.

Life is good. Carpe diem!


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