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06 February 2008

Ash Wednesday Today

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, know that life is not all a rush in the pursuit of cash.
So goes the text message I received this morning, reminding me of my Roman Catholic obligation to go to Mass and have my forehead dirtied with ashes from some burnt things priests prepared.

Every Ash Wednesday, I am reminded of my priest-friend who passed away many years back due to liver cirrhosis. Yeah we became friends because we go to the same bar, but did not drink the same poison. He loved brandy, I love beer.

One time he was invited to say mass on an Ash Wednesday in our office. The evil in me was more evident at that time (very discreet now hahahaha). Instead of having my forehead crossed with ashes, I borrowed from one of the girls the reddest lipstick we could find and made the dirtiest red cross ever seen on an Ash Wednesday. Attention-whore that I was (am) I made my point direct. He scolded me during his sermon. I had the biggest grin even the devil could not make at that moment.

It was fashionably fly for me. I didn't erased it til I went home.

From that time on, every Ash Wednesday, that Monsignor will always be remembered. Despite of the fact that he is now an ash or dust or a soul. Whatever. He is dead. May he rest in peace.

Lesson: Never scold me in your sermon hahahaha.

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