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01 February 2008

No Commercial Breaks

I used to visit Coconuter's blogsite every now and then because of my unusual interest for the unusual man. He is supposed to be an American-born Pinoy who went home to some unknown homeland in the northern part of the country to discover the Pinoy in him. He blogged about his Pinoy experience.

But lately, the site has more ads you could imagine that sometimes, looking for the real blog is quite an arduous task to do. I find it really weird so that I have no choice but leave his site for more relevant blogs. I know there is money with all the Google ads in the site, but making it (the blog site) too commercial sometimes makes the site boring if not bland.

Coconuter's sudden fame was attributed (I believe) to the segment featured at ABS-CBN where he was being interviewed. The Pinoy's unfailing search for tsismis and the quest for more melodramatic scenes made Coconuter an instant idol among Pinoys and bloggers. Every blogger wanted to be linked to his site (I did that!). Google recognized the volume of visitors to his site and awarded him something like Most Visited Site or the likes of it.

What am I trying to drive at? Jealousy? Crab mentality? Just one thing. We go back to blogging and have fun.


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