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11 February 2008

Ignorant HNU Faculty (Ignorance is No Longer Bliss)

A nursing student from Holy Name University in Tagbilaran City got a shock of a lifetime during their recollection sessions! A nun by the name of Sister Evelyn from the Campus Ministry Department of the university told the students that 80% of the people in Panglao Island are already infected with AIDS! She added that it is not even safe if you go there for a dip in the seas of Panglao because just by taking a bath would have you infected (with AIDS).

This is a shocking revelation, knowing how prestigious Holy Name University is and they have a Research Center commissioned by the SWS to do surveys in the province.

If a nun openly discuss these things with numbers to prove, then she is sure of herself. But telling students with a lie and with baseless opinion is very dangerous.

Poor misinformed students...



Anonymous said...

what about usc? when i was studying there, all students were informed that you can get infected with AIDS with even sweat to sweat interaction.

honestly, it's sad that such a "respected" organization would resort to twisting the truth.

Anonymous said...

I was a student at usc. They did not tell me I could get AIDS from a person's sweat. Come on, don't generalize. You make it seem like they made it a point to preach that BS to ALL students. Be responsible with your comment.