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24 February 2008

The Best Things In Life Are Still Free

I was asked by Ynday to attend a meeting in her behalf for their cooperative’s general assembly. With nothing to do and with an incentive for attending, I readily accepted it. Even if the meeting started early, I actually took pleasure in attending the meeting because I knew I would be seeing familiar faces once again. Liza, the provincial agriculturist was there trying to convince somebody to give her the other’s chair so she can seat beside me. Tata, the project coordinator of UNFPA was across my seat, busy chatting with everyone. These two are my friends.

After the meeting (and a hearty lunch), Tata and Liza dragged me along to a massage session at Grand Royal Spa at the back of the Gallares Memorial Hospital. I was actually laughing along the way because massage was the last option they had. It was foot scrub first, then hair spa, then foot massage. When we arrived at the Grand Royal, they wanted a body scrub after all. Oh, women. While they were arguing, I already had body massage in my mind.

My masseur did it well and I fell into a slumber with the music of three of the most beautiful musicals I’ve heard- Miss Saigon, Les Miserables and Sweeney Todd. I had one of the most relaxing massages ever.

The therapeutic session was actually free. Tata and Liza said they would pay for me, sort of a gift because I had my birthday two weeks ago. Had I known, I would also take the body scrub session. But that’s abuse, of course.

A hot cappuccino capped our day. Tata dropped me home. I was feeling sleepy and relaxed. Feeling grateful and somewhat inspired, I opened my computer and started poking on the keys.

And so I wrote this blog.


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