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22 February 2008

A Rainy Night With Direk Maryo

Charlotte called me up to inform me that Gerry is inviting us tonight at Direk Maryo J. delos Reyes’ apartment for a night of chikahan. I have been at Direk Maryo’s many times but only when he was not there. I have never met him at his place.

Despite the heavy rain, we were able to go. Lailette, the struggling Boholano artista was already there bulging from the dinner they had. In fact, she was not yet ready to let go of the table when we came and until we said our goodbyes.

Direk Maryo was having a meeting with one of my teachers in college. They were supposed to be discussing about a script.

Gerry was nowhere to be found. The cute guy that opened the door said Gerry went home because his daughter called up.

So we settled in. Introductions. Beso-beso. The usual stuff.

When Direk came out of the room, the drinks started to come out too. They told us it was the signal that Direk wanted a relaxing company. Everything came out good and it was the best time to relax. Ours the Red Horse, Direk his red wine. Gerry came in and with familiar faces following him.

I eventually enjoyed the company. We talked about artistas (Gretchen is a real bitch!) and some struggling ones from Bohol. They called them up saying their Hi’s and Hello’s. I find myself alienated because I didn’t know those of the personalities. I have lots of things to catch up.

Charlotte and I said our goodbyes when the seemingly never-ending Red Horse finally stopped flowing. We made beso-beso again with Direk who invited us again when he comes to town. The cute guy suddenly held my hand and asked me if he could see me again. I smiled and asked why. He wanted to have a CD copy of my RnB songs.

Can I see you tomorrow night? Sure!

My imagination started painting the town red.


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