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28 April 2008

Ala Brian Gorrell

Feeling frustrated again, I did a ala-Gorrell style to have my client pay me. This is not of a sexual relationship but a pay-what-is-due-me attack. In other words- PAY UP!

I attacked that client who did not pay me for the reason that he was not satisfied with my work, a month after the materials were delivered to him. Some of which (like the logo, pictured here, and business card) were already used by him before the printing and delivery of company stationery and mailing envelope.

When asked to return the materials intact, he could not.

My txt msg for him-

Sir I think you're being unfair when you said you're not paying for my services. In the first place you are already using the logo I made for you. In fact, you asked me to have your business cards printed when you went to Hongkong. Twice. I've done what other freelancers haven't done to you, that is running around on your behalf to have your materials printed. Logo design, business card design, envelope and stationery designs. Those were delivered to you. And you asked them for 5,000 pesos only. Gibarat pa ko nimo (you cheapskate) and now you are not paying me because you said you're not satisfied with my services. What other services you want so I can have what is due me?

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