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11 April 2008

Let's Get Over With Diana

She's Dead, the Australian t-shirt company Goat Boy proudly proclaimed referring to Lady Di. The website was quoted-

It was a tragic drunk driving accident. That’s all it was, so let’s move on. Enough with the weekly magazine covers, the tacky figurines, the memorial china, the touring exhibitions of musty old frocks, the revolting statue in Harrods, the lurid inquest, the tasteless T-Shirts…
And according to The Cool Hunter-

To launch their new online store, Australian T-Shirt brand Goat Boy (irony will set you free) has been creating some online buzz with an image of the Queen wearing a T-shirt of Princess Diana with the slogan - "She's Dead, so get over it". Brilliantly executed.

And that’s all it is - just a bloody t-shirt. If by some lack of irony you’re offended, Goatboy recommends that you save your excess of righteous indignation for something that actually matters - like the war in Iraq, the endemic abuse of children by Catholic priests, or other online t-shirt companies that use cheap rubbish crap T’s from China. Irony will set you free ;)


Bryan Anthony the First said...

she'll always be alive in my heart...



Anonymous said...

i heard some entities are doing things to make her a saint.

is this true?