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01 April 2008

Fashion Disaster Again

When I see somebody wearing a beanie (sometimes called bonnet in the Philippines), my instinct would always tell me it is all wrong. I can understand why people from Baguio wears the fuzzy hat. Their place is much colder compared to the lowlands. The beanie by the way, is used in the temperate countries as protection from cold.

But in Cebu on April? If you are from Cebu and the tropics, you would understand what I mean.

The sweltering heat of Cebu however, did not hinder someone waiting a jeepney to wear his beanie like it's going to snow in the country. Or was it a prayer for ice and snow? And while his sweat was literally running, he was also complaining that it was so hot. Of course it is hot because the beanie is 100% wool!

Wool in the tropical heat? Eww... that indeed is so hot! And science would tell us that the head permeate more heat than any part of the body, the reason why people in temperate zones of the planet used beanies. It means that the guy was frying his brains out hahaha.

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