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23 April 2008

Legends of the Fall

A meeting suddenly shifted focus on buangs (mentally ill) when an old resident of Burgos Street in Tagbilaran City asked everyone of us for ten pesos. I was amused because they also gave him the money. Interested, I asked the group who was the man and why were they shelling out tens.

They gave me this story instead.

Myth- The big acacias in Burgos Street (now Venancio Inting Avenue) in Tagbilaran City were occupied by engkantos of different kinds. A familiar story told amongst residents was whenever the roots of the trees extend to the houses in the area, somebody from that house would lose his mind.

Fact- Burgos Street is the home of the original drug addicts in Tagbilaran. Long before drug addiction is considered a nuisance, some of these people have concocted unimaginable drinks to get high. One story they told me is a lapad of gasoline mixed with one liter Sprite will bomb you out. Of course the katsobong is no longer fashionable but they mixed it with another potent ingredient.

Creepy, indeed.


Isagani Sabado said...

hahaahah dik my house is infront of the big acacia in burgos street. tinood na daghan buang diri sa amo dapit.... usa na ako uncle ana hahahaahhaha

Edik said...

halaka tinuod diay na?

salamt sa sharing. na-add na tika sa akong links.

Isagani Sabado said...

naa daghan mentally ill diri sa amo, next time we meet storyaan tika. empty blog na dik heheheheh