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08 April 2008

Of Cancers and Lifestyles

I was reading Cory Quirino's open letter to former President Cory Aquino who is battling cancer. Cory Quirino is a well-known Lifestyle writer at the Philippine Daily Inquirer The letter suggested natural therapies for cancer. The more sophisticated the world has become, the more strange and mysterious maladies invaded our bodies. Cancer is one of them. In fact, many Filipinos have the dreaded disease. One of the main cause is lifestyle.

Quirino suggested a unique therapy and its uniqueness is not that hard to do. So I am quoting here the suggested therapy:

Vegetarian diet. All animal proteins would be eliminated from her meal plan. No meat of any kind, including fish and chicken or any of their by-products like eggs, cheese, milk. This was because cancer cells feed on many things—especially protein. And because they thrive on mucus, milk and any dairy had to be removed. (In alternative medicine, it is believed that dairy products increase mucus production in the body.).

No sugar. It was imperative that refined sugar be eradicated completely. Again, because the food of cancer is sugar.

No processed food. All foods in a can or carton were banned simply because the idea was to eat food in its natural state.

Raw versus cooked. To fight cancer, you require an army of enzymes—nutrients found only in raw and fresh food (preferably organic as it is grown without pesticides/fertilizers). Mom’s meals were mostly salads, vegetable juices, nuts, fruits, whole-grain breads, brown/red rice.

Coffee enemas. Organic coffee boiled for 15 minutes administered three times daily to cleanse the colon.

Alkaline water. Cancer’s home is an acidic environment. Alkaline water in the form of enagic water by Kangen, a Japanese filtration machine, was her new drink. All her veggies were also washed with this water and her regimen included 14-20 glasses daily. The only time she was allowed to drink other forms of water was when she had to take her medication for hypertension and cholesterol. No water was allowed during and 30 minutes before/after meals in order to allow the body to absorb the enzymes.

If you want to read the whole article, please click on this.

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