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28 April 2008

That Filipino Mentality

I was tasked to help in the design of the booths and other materials for Region 7 during the International Food Exhibition Philippines at the Mall of Asia in Manila on May 16-18. Details here.

I have done my share of designing posters and flyers after the photo shoots in their areas. However, I could not finish them all without the assistance of the concerned companies. Several meetings have been done and they were always reminded to submit simple requirements like company logo and company contact details. Just like that. But up to this moment, only a few submitted their requirements despite the notice that I won't be doing them if they could not submit soonest. Those who submitted gave me a very low resolution of their logos, to my frustration.

I am sure next week everyone will vie on who is going to be entertained first. Whew!

Talaga ang Pinoy.

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