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24 February 2009

The Circle of Life

We were saddened by the death of our grandma last week. Although she is already old at 93, we were shocked because she was still well and about during her death. She suffered from stroke even if she was taking ferrous sulfate because she was supposed to be anemic.

But while we experienced death a few days ago, a new generation of Dolotina has emerged. A good news came from the US telling us that another addition to the family just happened, a cute baby boy is born to my cousins. And next week, the first week of March, we are expecting another addition to the family again. My sis will also have her baby.

Such is the beauty of life. When one dies, another life is born. 


kg said...

that's life edik! we come and go...happy times...sad times...:)

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Edik said...

thanks Grace...

ikaw lang ata ang fan ko sa blog ko hahahaha. maraming salamat.

jackie said...

That's actually the reason why I'm kind of scared whenever someone gives birth in my family. I feel like we have to "let go" of someone to "get" or "obtain" another one.

Edik said...

hi jackie-

as what kumareng grace has written here- that's life... we come and go...

but don't be too negative on the cycle of life. we accept things as they come no matter how hurtful they could be.

we miss them at first and move on to the next chapter of our lives.