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20 February 2009

A sad night: Goodbye Lola Anania Dolotina-Molina!

I was informed a few minutes ago that our Lola, Anania Dolotina-Molina of Alicia, Bohol, died at Ramiro Hospital in Tagbilaran due to stroke. She was 93.

I felt so down.

When I was younger she was one of my favorite lolas because she would always hug us whenever she visited our place. I can remember the way her smell would engulfed me as she would extend her arms. I was uncomfortable with hugging but hers was of comfort and peaceful reverie.

The last time we saw each other she was crying because her sister, Felicidad who was 103 by then, died last Christmas 2009. I approached her and she hugged me so tight because she told me she missed me. I choked.

Now hearing the sad news made me cry. I too, really missed her. But sadly she did not know that. I never told her. Now she is gone and I would never had the chance to.

May you rest in peace Lola.

(Two of my favorite lolas- Felicidad who died last Christmas 2009 at the age of 103 and Anania, 93, who died a few minutes ago.)

1 comment:

kg said...

condolences to you and your family edik.

if it's any consolation, living up to to 93 and 103 is already a great blessing nowadays. and I bet they're already dancing in heaven with God. :)